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Why it's Important to Treat Gum Disease

With more than half of American adults suffering from various stages of Gum Disease, Dr. Green wants to be sure you are aware of why we treat it so carefully.
Periodontal Disease, often referred to as Gum Disease, occurs when plaque and tartar accumulate at the base of your teeth. Plaque contains bacteria that causes an infection in your gums, commonly known as Gingivitis. There is no cure for this gum and bone disease, but when treated properly, your oral health can improve and be maintained.

If Gum Disease is left untreated, the bacterial infection will spread to the tissue and bone that hold your teeth in place. You may experience tooth abscesses once the disease has reached this alarming stage. It also increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even spontaneous pre-term births.

While we check for gum disease at every cleaning, it is important that you examine your gums, too. Call the office if you notice any changes in between visits.

Signs of Gum Disease

  • While brushing or flossing, your gums bleed
  • Your gums look red, swollen, or feel tender
  • Your gums have pulled away from your teeth
  • There is pus between your teeth and gums
  • Your permanent teeth seem loose or have separated
  • You notice changes in the way your teeth fit together when you chew
  • You experience persistent bad breath

The best defense against Gum Disease is prevention and early detection. This disease is rarely painful, especially early on, so it is crucial to keep your regular cleaning appointments and maintain excellent flossing and brushing habits at home. If we determine you have Gum Disease, we may recommend your cleanings increase to every three or four months to ensure your health.

If you have questions about Gum Disease, call us today at (207) 829-4444. We can make an appointment for you to have a Gum Disease screening here in the office.

How we Treat Gum Disease

While there is no cure for Periodontal Disease, known as Gum Disease, this condition can be controlled and managed with proper treatment and care. As an infectious, inflammatory disease that destroys the gums and bone supporting your teeth, it is caused by plaque, a bacteria that forms at the base of your teeth.

Maintaining top-notch oral care is the best defense against Gum Disease, so Dr. Green wants you to not only keep your regular office visits but also to floss and brush well at home, every single day. If not treated properly, Gum Disease can lead to other serious illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and complications during pregnancy.

To avoid further loss of bone and gums and improve your oral health (and therefore your overall health) we recommend the timely diagnosis and treatment of Gum Disease, called Soft Tissue Management. This entails a series of periodontal therapy appointments followed by four special maintenance cleanings each year.

Soft Tissue Management helps control Gum Disease without surgery think of it as physical therapy for your gums! Cleanings every quarter, instead of twice a year, help to ensure the bacteria in your mouth doesn't reach a dangerous level. Plaque usually approaches a harmful level about three months after your last professional cleaning. By seeing your hygienist every three months, you reduce the risk of this bacteria breaking down the supporting structure around your teeth.

It's never too soon to better manage your dental and overall health. Call us today at (207) 829-4444 with any questions about treating gum disease. We're here to help keep you healthy!


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